Chakra Stretch Bracelet

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Chakra Stretch Bracelets


Each of the seven chakras are represented by a gemstone or crystal and corresponding color. The seven chakras are crown (purple), third eye (dark blue/indigo), throat (light blue), heart (green), solar plexus (yellow), sacral (orange) and root (red).

This bracelet comes with a card containing affirmations related to each chakra. Beads on this bracelet are 8-9.99mm wide.


Individual crystal beads representing each chakra are subject to change, but color scheme will remain the same. 


  • X-Small (6.5")
  • Small (7")
  • Medium (7.5")
  • Large (8")
  • X-Large (8.5")


*All sales final on crystal bracelets. Mahalo!