Rainbow Moonstone and Jade Stretch Bracelet

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Rainbow Moonstone and Jade Crystal Stretch Bracelet


Adorable Crystal Stretch Bracelet made of Jade and Rainbow Moonstone, with two 14k Gold Filled Beads


Rainbow Moonstone: Promotes a happy home and combats mood swings, aids wisdom and insight, increases creativity and passion, soothes and calms the emotions and inner self, helps combat cycles and repeated patterns

Jade: Attracts harmony into your life, a good protection crystal, helps attract prosperity and abundance, excellent for use in dream work, a crystal of wisdom


Each bracelet has unique crystals and thus, we can't guarantee a certain color or shade of crystal, but all rainbow moonstone will have white shades and all jade will have green shades. If you have a request, please note it in your order notes at checkout and although we can't guarantee it, we will try our best to accomodate your request.