14kgf Jade Thick Chain Bracelet

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14k Gold Filled Jade Thick Chain Bracelet


Jade beads on a thick chain, creating a gorgeous bracelet that is great for stacking or a great statement piece on its own. Adorable and great for good luck. Each bracelet is unique and comes with an assortment of green shades and colors.

There are two different Jade Bead styles: Round or Saucer

*Sizing for this bracelet is different than bangle sizing, usually smaller than your bangle size as it clips on around your wrist instead of going around your whole fist*

Please note the inches of your wrist so we know what size to make the bracelet. Each bracelet is the size in inches plus an extender of about 1 inch. 

We will make sure each one is beautiful however we can't guarantee a certain color or color scheme, or that all of the jade beads will be the same. 



*All sales final, mahalo!