Labradorite Bangle

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Labradorite Bangle


You select the bangle you would like. Each bangle has a unique color and different thickness.

We recommend sizing up at least a quarter size (.25) if you want extra room, because the thickness of the bangle sometimes requires more space on your wrist. For example, if you usually a bangle size 7.5, we recommend a 7.75 for extra space. For the thicker styles, we recommend sizing up a half size, if not a quarter size at the least.

This bangle is very fragile so we recommend wearing it with caution and probably not as an every day bangle. 

We also recommend keeping your Labradorite Bangle out of water to prevent damage as it is a delicate crystal.


Labradorite: Calms an overactive mind, increases mental sharpness and intellect, provides a boost of inspiration and originality, aids scientific analysis and being able to see many possibilities at once, helps with change, lending strength and perseverance


*Please note that all bangles are final sale. Mahalo!