Mother's Stretch Bracelet Set

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Mother's Stretch Bracelet Set



Our Mother's Stretch Bracelet Set was created in time for Mother's Day!  

Full of Goddess energy, as well as energy to help in alleviating stress.


The set includes:

A Combination Stretch Bracelet made of Rainbow Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline

Rainbow Moonstone 

Emits Feminine goddess energy and is believed to alleviate stress while balancing emotions.

Pink Tourmaline

Symbolizes various forms of joy.  When feeling stressed, looking at it can assist in soothing intense emotions and anxiety.


The second bracelet is Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone

Carries a gentle feminine energy that aids in comprehending our emotions more deeply.  It empasizes the importance of patience over hastiness.  Encourages us to embrace openness and positivity in our interactions.  


*This Set comes with an informational tag (as seen in pic) on the bracelet's healing properties.  Also comes in an white organza pouch.