Customize Your Own: 14kgf Hand Stamped Bangle

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14k Gold Filled Hand Stamped Bangle

Adult sizes 7-9 starting at $63.00


There is a 24 character limit. UPPER CASE letters only! We also have a heart symbol and numbers. For a 10 gauge (thicker gold) bangle, it is an additional $27.00


Keiki (Children) Sizes 5- 6.5 starting at $56.00

Tahitian pearls can be added for an additional $35.00

Pink or White Edison pearls can be added for an additional $18.00

Charms available for an additional $6.00 to $28.00.

 Charms may vary slightly as each one is handmade.


Please ensure that your order is how you would like it as custom orders can't be changed once the custom order is placed. Thank you very much! 


*Please measure your hand (around knuckles) or confirm the size of the person you are gifting to ensure the correct fit as we are not accepting returns on stamped orders. Mahalo!