Customize Your Own: 14kgf Stamped Names Necklace

$98.00 - $158.00
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14kgf Custom Stamped Names Necklace

Starting at $98.00


For 1-3 Stamped Name Charms: $98.00

$20 for each additional name

(i.e. 4 names: $118, 5 names: $138, 6 names $158)

Please only fill out the number of names that you purchased i.e. if you selected 4 names, please only type Name 1, 2, 3 and 4 and leave Names 5 and 6 blank. Mahalo! 

*10 character limit for each individual name  (UPPER CASE ONLY) We do have a heart symbols!  Numbers too!

*Simple 14k gold fill chain, with 22" being the longest.

* Please allow 7-10 days for your custom necklace to be ready to be shipped


Please ensure that your order is how you would like it as custom orders can't be changed once the custom order is placed. Thank you very much!