Healing Stretch Bracelet

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Healing Stretch Bracelets


Your choice of Unakite and Clear Quartz Beads OR Unakite and Aura Quartz Beads. Choose between 6-7.99MM or 8-9.99MM in round bead size.

  • X-Small (6.5")
  • Small (7")
  • Medium (7.5")
  • Large (8")
  • X-Large (8.5")


Unakite: Excellent healing for the heart and mind, helps to balance the emotional body, improves relationships, helps business partnerships, lifts the spirits and soothes negativity

Clear Quartz: Enhances psychic ability, amplifies other crystals, helps focus the mind and aids meditation, aids concentration and enhances memory, balances all planes 

Aura Quartz: Aura is a manmade finish that adds iridescence to the crystal, it helps to heal the aura, can aid in calming and soothing the emotions, can aid in releasing negativity from your life, can help heal old emotional wounds, improves feelings of self worth


*All sales final on crystal bracelets. Mahalo!